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EasyPup version 2.2.10 released

February 13, 2020 — BarryK

Yes, another "classical Puppy on steroids" version released!

Release notes:

General information about EasyPup:

Download German, French and English builds:

Note, I have not tested the French and German builds. Just guessing, it may be that the early boot messages are not translated. 

Note also, L18L and esmourguit have supplied updated translations for EasyOS that have not made it into this release. Also, translation has not yet been done for the EasyPup-specific files: 

Forum feedback here: 

The future of EasyPup

I would like to make a comment about EasyPup. It has been a diversion, a very interesting one. However, as usual, I tend to take on too much, and get stretched rather thin. I had to give up development of Quirky Linux for this reason. My main thing is EasyOS, and that will be my focus ongoing.

If anyone wants to get involved with developing EasyPup, you are most welcome. There is plenty of room for improving the "puppy parts" of EasyPup, indeed, many ideas can be got from woof-CE, though I would prefer EasyPup to remain a "classical Puppy".

if, for example, you improve the "Puppy Universal Installer", send it to me and I can put it into the next release.

Note for developers: if early bootup does anything odd, look in /root/.initrd-debug. That folder logs a lot of what happens in the initrd.  Note also, as for EasyOS, you can edit the 'initrd.gz' just be clicking on it, and in WoofQ there is a script to rebuild EasyPup. 

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