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German translation for EasyOS updated

February 19, 2020 — BarryK

Lutz (L18L in the Puppy Forum) maintains the German langpacks for Puppy and EasyOS, as well as MoManager (the GUI utility for creating translations).

Lutz has provided updated translations, and I have created '', not yet uploaded. This will be used in the next German build of EasyOS, perhaps version 2.2.11.

Lutz has also provided extra translations for EasyPup. These are .mo files for scripts that are different from EasyOS, or not in EasyOS. Lutz has narrowed-down the list of scripts that need .mo files for EasyPup, see my edit dated 2020-02-19 in this blog post:

...see the red text.

For EasyPup development more generally, this is also a good read: 

The EasyPup .mo files are not in a PET, they are in WoofQ, in the puppy/rootfs-skeleton folder. When EasyPup is built, that folder will over-write the EasyOS build, transforming 'easy.sfs' to 'puppy.sfs'. 

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