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Help pages fixed for EasyPup

February 01, 2020 — BarryK

Continuing to get the basic functionality of EasyPup sorted out. Couldn't leave it partly broken. Here is the previous post about EasyPup:

When the SeaMonkey browser is started, the default page is full of broken links. This is /usr/share/doc/home.htm, which in EasyOS is a link to /usr/share/doc/easy/home_en.htm. In that 'easy' folder, there are also help.htm (symlink to help_en.htm) and welcome.htm (symlink to welcome_en.htm). These pages are generated by scripts '', '' and '' in /usr/share/doc/easy.

EasyPup needs to have the same setup, to work nicely with the rest of the system. So, have created /usr/share/doc/puppy, with all the same files in it, except designed for EasyPup. When the '7build-puppy-cd' script is run in WoofQ, to create EasyPup, /usr/share/doc/easy is deleted and /usr/share/doc/puppy renamed to /use/share/doc/easy.

It is all internationalized, with TEXTDOMAIN "puppyhelp", and I have created '' files for French and German (using Google translate).

Now, the documentation works properly, the pages are correct, with all the right explanation and links. 

What this means in practice, is, when running EasyPup, start the browser and the "jumping off page" is now appropriate for EasyPup. Select "Help" in the menu, the help age is also correct. The welcome.htm page is a short introduction to EasyPup. 

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