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Linux kernel 5.4.27 compiled

March 25, 2020 — BarryK

A very short post, to let readers know that I compiled the 5.4.27 kernel, and it runs fine on my lenovo PC.

Easy 2.2.12 has the 5.4.20 kernel. At the time of release, I did compile the 5.4.23 kernel, but the desktop crashed, so stayed with 5.4.20. That was my HP mongrel midi-tower PC -- now semi-retired, but will still use it for hardware testing.

Anyway, looks like 5.4.27 will be in the next release. When will that be? ...I am keenly watching progress in fixing Snap2, a backup utility. It was left out of 2.2.12 due to failure on non-English translation. However, Richard (rerwin in the Puppy Forum) has taken it on-board to fix. Discussion starts here:

L18L and esmourguit are providing input, and it is looking like a final PET is close. When that PET is released, that might be the time for releasing the next EasyOS/Pup.

Here is the previous blog post about removal of Snap2: 

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