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Ready-made lithium powerboxes

April 15, 2020 — BarryK

My new project is a "lithium powerbox", see most recent post here:

It is interesting to see what is out there, ready-made. There are many powerboxes, of varying capacities and features. Most of them are designed to be portable and readily removed from the vehicle. One of the biggest of these highly-portable types, that I know of, is a 60AH unit made by iTechWorld:

...which is a very nice all-in-one solution, at an excellent price. It has compromises, such as only charging via the cigarette light socket, so probably limited to 10A charging. The documentation states that it cannot be used when charging.

The more "hard core" solution is a powerbox that is intended as an alternative to a permanently wired-in system. Many 4wd owners go the latter route, with a custom permanently wired-in installation -- which often looks very messy and may be space-inefficient.

The semi-permanent "hard-core" powerbox may be left permanently in the vehicle, or taken out, perhaps if you are not going camping for awhile and need the space for something else, or change to another vehicle. These powerboxes are designed to charge directly from the car battery, at 20A or more.

I did a quick survey of what is available in Australia, in this "hard-core" category. One that I knew of from before is "The Lithium Box":


...the smallest has a 100AH battery and weighs 21kg -- too heavy for me! I can't see prices anywhere.

A Perth company has put together the "National Luna" box:

...with Amptron 100AH lithium battery, price is AU$1,990. Weight is 18kg.

Here is another, the "JTS Power Easy" box:


...price is AU$2,795, with 100AH battery. Weight is given as 55kg ...gulp!

But wait, there's more! If you would like a battery box with DC-DC charger but without the battery, so that you can add your battery-of-choice later (AGM or lithium), there is the "Kickass Premium Battery Box", at AU$689:


...though, not yet available. ETA is August 2020. It is their DC-DC charger that is holding things up -- it has been on pre-sale for a few months. No doubt it is coming from China, and will do once the factories start up again, and shipping improves. 

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