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EasyDD-portable fixed for Debian, Devuan, Mint, etc

June 11, 2020 — BarryK

I posted about EasyDD-portable, that is supposed to run on all Linux distributions. All that they need is a shell interpreter and some basic utilities such as 'cut', 'grep', 'tr', 'realpath', etc. Here is the blog post:

Bob, running Devuan, reported a "bad substitution" error in the 'easydd' script, and so did Jonathan, running Linux Mint.

That is because the "shebang line" is "#!/bin/sh" which in Debian and Debian-derivatives, will run 'dash'. Unfortunately, dash is a very primitive shell interpreter.

I recall years ago, being annoyed because dash does not understand "echo -e ..." so cannot interpret terminal commands. That is because dash is designed to work when there is no terminal.

Hmmm, Busybox ash handles the "-e" and that works everywhere, including direct to the screen in the initrd.

Now onto EasyDD, and I have found that dash does not understand "${var:0:1}" parameter expansion.

Then I found that dash does not understand the simplified if-then "[ "$var" ] && ...".

I am so accustomed to using the far more capable 'ash' in Busybox.

I have fixed it by changing three scripts in EasyDD-portable to use bash. Presumably, all Linux distributions have bash, and those that are purely busybox-based will likely have bash as an alias to ash.

EasyDD-portable fixed is uploaded here:

Note, if you are running EasyOS, EasyPup, Puppy, FatDog, or any other Puppy-derivative, you do not need EasyDD-portable. The small EasyDD script will work for you:

...the only caveat is that very old versions of Puppy Linux (5-6 years ago) may have an old version of the 'dd' utility that will not work with EasyDD, in which case use EasyDD-portable. 

EDIT 2020-06-12:
I have feedback from Jonathan and Tom that the "fixed" EasyDD-portable tried to write to the wrong drive. So I have taken it down, and will install Debian, Devuan, or Mint and test EasyDD-portable.

EDIT 2020-06-16:
EasyDD-portable has been abandoned. Instead, the simple EasyDD script has been enhanced to run on nearly all Linux distributions. There is an introduction page, with download link: 


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