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EasyDD GUI fixes for Linux Mint

June 18, 2020 — BarryK

I posted a few days ago about improvements to EasyDD:

I had only tested CLI mode in Linux Mint, however Sebastion has got GUI mode working. He installed 'gtkdialog', which is not available in the default repositories, but is available elsewhere, such as here:

The "MX-19" DEB is here:

However, Sebastion discovered a couple of bugs. Drag-and-drop of an image file from the Nemo file manager to EasyDD had some extra text preppended and appended. I reported to the Puppy Forum:

...and MochiMoppel responded with a fix. fantastic, thanks for that!

Another problem was the GUI put up a "finished" message, when it wasn't, it was only just started to write to the drive.

I found the cause. EasyDD will use the embedded "vte" terminal support of gtkdialog, however, often gtkdialog is compiled without this, as is the case with the DEB. So then EasyDD looks for 'rxvt', 'urxvt', 'xterm' and 'gnome-terminal', in that order.

Linux Mint has the last one. Unfortunately, "gnome-terminal .... -e easydd" runs as a separate process and returns immediately, hence the premature "finished" window. It requires the "--wait" option, which I have now put into EasyDD.

Haven't tried these fixes in Linux Mint yet, but should be good-to-go. Ditto for any other Debian-based or Ubuntu-based distribution. Just find the gtkdialog package. Gtkdialog is so good, it should be in all official package repositories!

For anyone encountering EasyDD for the first time, see here: 

gtkdialog source

Most people are getting the source from here:

However, there are various forks that are still active, especially this one, maintained by Mick Amadio:

...this would be where Puppy Linux developers are contributing.

EDIT 2020-06-19:
Michael Amadio has contacted me, advised that he has moved the gtkdialog repository under the umbrella of the Puppy Linux woof-CE repository: 

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