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EasyDD works on more distributions

June 15, 2020 — BarryK

I have abandoned EasyDD-portable. Too troublesome. Instead, the 'easydd' script has been enhanced, with more features, refinements, and should work on just about all Linux distributions.

It should work in both CLI and GUI modes in all Puppy and Puppy-derivatives, including very old versions.

For other Linux distributions that do not have the 'gtkdialog' utility, EasyDD should work in CLI mode.

I have updated the introduction page:

...of course, there is the disclaimer, see bottom of linked page. I have created EasyDD in good faith, but as we can never 100% guarantee perfect code, nor anticipate peculiarities of some distributions, you need to use EasyDD entirely at your own risk. I have tried to anticipate all eventualities, and put sanity checks throughout the script ...but, you never really know, until you try it on your distro.

Note, 'gtkdialog' is great, but for those distros that don't have it, and have 'zenity' or 'yad' instead, a future project could be to get the script to use those. Then EasyDD will be able to run in GUI mode on many more distros.

Another note: one problem that we had with old puppies was that they have an older version of the 'dd' uility, or the busybox 'dd', which lacks real-time progress reporting. EasyDD will now detect this, and can still use the old 'dd', just without the real-time write-speed reporting.

EDIT 2020-06-17:
Alfons reported that specifying a target drive in CLI mode, for example "easydd easy-0.6-amd64.img.gz sdb", exited without doing anything. Hmmm, yes. Fixed.

EDIT 2020-06-18:
Fixes to run EasyDD in GUI mode in Linux Mint:    

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