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murga-linux Puppy Forum is down

July 13, 2020 — BarryK

I posted earlier today about the Puppy Forum being down, and alternative forums:

We have received information that John Murga, who has hosted the Puppy Forum for about 15 years, has passed away. Mick has posted to

We are very sad about this. John did die peacefully in his sleep, from heart failure. It was a known condition, "ongoing ischemic heart disease".

I have requested from the people who have John's computers and power-of-attorney, if they can find the login details, so that we can try to resurrect the forum. We do not want to lose 15 years of posts!

I have let them know, that from our point of view, he was a rock. He maintained the forum for all those years. Back in 2005 when he offered to host the forum, I asked if he was prepared to look after it for the "long haul" and he said yes -- and has been true to his word. 

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