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Next release coming very soon

August 10, 2020 — BarryK

I keep on working on new features, got to stop it and bring out a new release! Just a short post tonight, to expect next release in a day or two.

Regarding 'shfm' in the initrd, as reported yesterday:

It is so handy, that I have included it in the main filesystem, at /usr/sbin/shfm, also there is /usr/local/bin/xdg-open-nox that shfm uses for mime-hamdling.

So, anytime that you dropout from X, or bootup to a console without X, just type "shfm" and off you go. It is configured to launch 'mp' to view any text files.

In the  menu "Shutdown -> Reboot, lockdown in RAM", there are two modes, as I posted about:

Both of them copy the session to RAM at bootup, and unmount all drives, and the second mode goes the extra step of disabling all drives.

In theory, although running in RAM, we could still save the session. This is very Puppy-like, I have introduced a "save" icon on the desktop, but it currently only brings up a "Coming soon..." message.

The second lockdown mode, disabled drives, means that you cannot save the session. However, if you have booted off a USB-stick, you can make it visible by physically unplugging and replugging it. Hence the session can be saved.

It is not a security weakness for the USB-stick to become accessible, as it requires the physical replug. That is something that only you can do.

Anyway, implementation of this "save" feature is intended for the version after the next. 

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