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EasyOS Dunfell-series 0.93 alpha released

October 19, 2020 — BarryK

Another one! Version 0.92 was released 2 days ago:

Thanks to the guys who tested it, issues were identified, and have mostly been fixed.

Build 0.93 has replaced Epiphany with the SeaMonkey suite, and LibreOffice is now included. InkscapeLite was reported to be crashing, and is now replaced with the full Inkscape. For Inkscape, I compiled some new dependencies, including 'potrace' which is a handy utility on it's own, for tracing bitmap line images.

What has not yet been done:

"scsijon" reported missing 'xf86-input-wacom'.
"Keef" reported pmcputemp stuck on a low temperature, and "banned" suggested a fix.
YoutubeDL needs an update -- click the Update button.
"banned" reported a problem with bluetooth file transfer with phone, using ModemManager.

I will get onto these very soon.

Download from here:

There is another issue, that has been around for a long time, a year at least. SeaMonkey will crash Xorg if left running for a long time. I don't know if it is a particular video driver or hardware, nor exactly how long, but I have had this happen on three different computers. Yesterday I was compiling Inkscape, and found it had crashed to the commandline -- then rememebered that I had left SM running. It is probably a few hours thereabouts, before the crash, and I have never had it happen while using SM, only when minimized in the tray.

One other thing. The previous 'devx' SFS had the faulty gcc, producing illegal instructions. With this devx, you can check that it's default options are sane:

# echo "" | gcc -v -E - 2>&1 | grep cc1

...that's numeric one on the end. We want the default to be for a 'nocona' CPU, the very earliest 64-bit CPU released by Intel, also compatible with the early AMD 64-bit CPUs.

Feedback welcome at the forum:   

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