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BluePup receive files from phone works

November 19, 2020 — BarryK

BluePup bluetooth manager has turned out real nice. Here is an earlier post:

In EasyOS 2.4.92, when pair with a phone, there is a "SEND FILE" button, however, it doesn't work, as I forgot to include the 'gnome-bluetooth' package in the build. That will be fixed for 2.5 final.

Receiving a file from a phone was not implemented, however, this morning implemented it. After pairing with a phone, there is now a "RECEIVE FILE" button:


Clicking that button launches the 'bt-obex' utility, and it turned out to be easy-peasy to send files from the phone.

You go into an app, say the photo gallery, choose a file, then choose to share it, and there will be a "bluetooth" option, choose that, and "BlueZ 5.50" will be offered, which is the default name of the paired connection with the PC.

Tap "BlueZ 5.50" and the file transfers, and will appear in /root/.cache/obexd -- BluePup will open that folder in ROX-Filer, so you will see the file as soon as it arrives. Wait until transfer is complete, because it is slow.

This is good, BluePup is now doing everything that I want of it. 

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