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Testing BluePup in EasyPup 2.4.91

November 13, 2020 — BarryK

I have just posted about the release of EasyPup 2.4.91:

This has the latest BluePup Bluetooth management GUI. I ran through connecting my mouse, keyboard and speaker...

Firstly, turned on the mouse, put it into pairing mode, then clicked the "SCAN" button in BluePup:


...I don't know what that "4F:A0:41:58:EA:44" device is, something at my neighbour's place. I selected the mouse, then clicked on the "REGISTER" button:


...yay, mouse works! I then turned on my keyboard, pressed it's pairing button, and scanned for it, then clicked the "REGISTER" button:


...this required a PIN code to be entered on the keyboard, and success, Bluetooth keyboard is working. I then repeated the exercise for my speaker, and got all three devices connected:


...notice the green ticks, these mean currently connected and working. Connecting the speaker also automatically pops up the Multiple Sound Card Wizard (MSCW):


BluePup automatically detects changes, and will update the GUI. For example, I turned off all three devices, and the GUI updated to orange ticks, meaning paired but currently not connected:


Turning any device back on, it automatically reconnects, and the GUI updates.

One point about the speaker -- if I had set the Bluetooth speaker as the default audio device, turning it off will cause the MSCW to popup. Ditto with turning it on. This is achieved by a udev rule, so if anyone wants to create a BluePup PET to run on all puppies, they will need to chase up all of these support files.

BluePup is also supposed to connect to a phone. When a phone is registered, there is a button to send a file to the phone, but not the other way. Two-way requires 'obex', that I know nothing about, but it is on the to-do list. 'obexfs' looks nice, as a way to be able to browse the filesystem on the phone.

Note, EasyOS and EasyPup do have connecting with a phone for file transfer by USB cable, see the "share" icon on the desktop. 

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