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EasyOS Dunfell series to be based on 5.10 kernel

December 19, 2020 — BarryK

I posted earlier today about fixing bugs in OE-Dunfell:

I have changed the kernel to 5.10.1, with CAP_SYS_MOUNT patch. Package 'linux-libc-headers' is the kernel headers used by libc, and they are based on the 5.8 kernel, also with CAP_SYS_MOUNT patch.

Package 'libcap' references an internal 'capability.h', so that also needed CAP_SYS_MOUNT patch. Package 'libcap-ng' references the libc 'capability.h' so doesn't need to be patched.

So, it is building right now.

EDIT 2020-12-20:
The build ran overnight and completed successfully. But then I discovered that 'linux-libc-headers' was still on 5.4 -- needed an override variable in build-amd64/conf/local.conf

Then discovered that 'libcap-ng' needs a version bump to be compatible with the 5.10 kernel, so now 0.8.1. Also found that a header file needed to be patched to recognise CAP_SYS_MOUNT.

It is not necessary, but I also put BB_NUMBER_THREADS="3", PARALLEL_MAKE="-j 2" and PARALLEL_MAKEINST="-j 2", down from the defaults "4" and "-j 4", as I am a little bit concerned how hot my PC feels, just touching the chassis. The tray temperature applet sits at 71 degC. I am probably just being paranoid.

The build will take longer, but I'm not concerned about that. Reducing parallel make might be a good thing, as reduces possibility of race conditions. Starting the build now, from scratch, will see how long it takes. Note, my PC is Lenovo Ideacentre with 8gen i3 CPU, 8GB RAM, and the build is taking place on an external SSD connected via USB3. 

EDIT 2020-12-20:
The build started at 8.15am. I went out for lunch and a walk, got back and found that it had stopped, package 'strace' had failed. That would be due to the 5.10 kernel headers. Didn't try to fix it, just removed it from the list -- 'strace' is included in the devx sfs, however I have never used it, so it is not something that I will miss. Continued the build...

Had an arvo snooze, at 4pm found that it had finished. Probably it had just finished, so build time will have been less than 8 hours and 45 minutes.

Here is the latest OE-Dunfell tarball:

A note for anyone who wants to try this: the tarball has a 'readme', and after running the 'create-oe-quirky' script and creating folder ' oe-quirky', there is a folder oe-quirky/docs', with file 'bk-notes' that you will find useful. Note also that OE-Dunfell is for skilled Linux developers, and only basic instructions are given.  

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