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Kernel 5.10.2 compiled in EasyOS Dunfell

December 22, 2020 — BarryK

In EasyOS Dunfell-series, I have compiled the 5.10.2 kernel, with the intention it will be used for the next release.

Kernel source, patches and build scripts are here:

One thing though -- someone mentioned on the forum that the 5.8 and later kernels have improved support for AMD chipsets. The kernel config does have some AMD settings that I did not enable, as I do not know what they do. If anyone wants to study the .config file and recommend changes to support PCs with recent AMD chipsets, please do -- you will find the file in the 'build-kernel.tar.gz' tarball.

Changing the subject, in the latest EasyOS Dunfell, I attempted to compile SeaMonkey 2.53.5 and, both failed. I checked, 2.53.4 does still compile. So, staying with SM 2.53.4 for now.

I suspect the problem has something to do with glibc version. Easy Dunfell has glibc 2.31, and the LFS people reported for SM 2.53.4 that a patch is required if glbc is 2.32 or later. The LFS people do not apply that patch for SM 2.53.5 and -- it looks like SM has been changed to compile with glibc 2.32+ and now broken with earlier glibc's. That's only a wild guess, it may be something completely different.

EDIT 2020-12-27:
No, it was a rust incompatibility:

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