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SeaMonkey compiled in Easy Dunfell

December 27, 2020 — BarryK

I had previously reported being able to compile SM 2.53.4 but not 2.53.5 and, it is not a glibc version problem as I first surmised, but a rust version incompatibility. I examined the build log, and saw that there were rust errors.

Running "rustc --version" returned "1.48.0", and I saw from the LFS page that they are using rust 1.47.0 to compile SM

In Easy Dunfell, I used this method, rustup, to install rust:

...which installs the stable version, which is 1.48.0. So, how to install 1.47.0? The only information I could find is this:

And I ran this:

# rustup toolchain install 1.47.0 

It downloaded, however, rust is still 1.48.0 and there is no information that I can find on how to change over to the 1.47.0 version.

So I just hacked it, dragged stuff around until 1.47.0 was working.

And guess what, now SM compiles!

Oh dear, as rust gains popularity, are we going to have a whole new game to play, with rust version incompatibilities? This experience with SM is not good, as I already have a very low opinion of rust: 

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