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Puppy is still the mascot for EasyOS and EasyPup

December 30, 2020 — BarryK

Most people who have been around Puppy Linux for awhile will know that the mascot is a certain little dog:

There is a security question for registration at the Easy Forum, that asks what is the mascot for EasyOS. The answer is that it is still the same little guy.

This question was raised on the Puppy Forum:

I was having problems with spammers at the EasyOS Forum, so made the question a little bit more vague. But, I have learnt that the automated spammers are incredibly clever! They seem to be AIs. Possibly they will discover this post and will determine the correct answer to the security question. Then I will have to change it again.

EasyOS is a fork-of-a-fork of Puppy Linux, however, I don't want to change the mascot. He remains the mascot forever! 

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