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Test EasyOS with different kernels

December 07, 2020 — BarryK

Yesterday I posted about simplifying the 4.19.161 kernel, plus enabling what hopefully will aid with booting on Chromebooks:

I have built EasyOS 2.5.2 with this kernel. This is just for testing, not an official release:

I invite Rodney and other very-patient EasyOS testers, to give this a spin. Wrote a bit of a blub here:

...with email address for feedback.

I would like to know if this kernel works on all of the hardware that we can throw at it.

Rodney got a kernel panic with the 5.4.x kernels, that I reported here:

I have tested 2.5.2 on my hardware, everything works. I have a range of computers, all Intel-based. Oldest is a Compaq Presario with Core2 CPU.

What I plan to do now, is have a go at simplifying the configuration for the 5.4.x kernel, and will build 2.5.2 with it and upload for testing. 

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