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EasyOS Dunfell 2.6.1 released for x86_64 PC

January 28, 2021 — BarryK

Yesterday announced EasyOS Dunfell 2.6.1 aarch64 for the Raspberry Pi4:

Today it is the turn for EasyOS Dunfell-series 2.6.1 64-bit on the PC. This is the first official release in this series.

Same packages compiled in OpenEmbedded. Latest SeaMonkey 2.53.6. A different kernel for the PC build, 5.10.11.

Read all about it here:

As stated in the release notes, all three streams are being sync'ed to the same version number.

The Buster-series 2.6.1 will probably be uploaded tomorrow. I have to compile the latest 5.4.x kernel, and SeaMonkey 2.53.6.

As to which you would choose for the PC, it is like asking "which is better, strawberry icecream or chocolate icecream?"

Quoting from the release notes link:

On the PC, if you want maturity and the huge Debian package repository, then probably the Buster-series is the best choice. The Dunfell-series has a small package repository, and there may (or may not be) some maturity issues with the packages. But if you want very small, lean, mean and fast, without any dependence on systemd, pulseaudio, avahi, pam or polkit, and just plain more fun, choose the Dunfell-series.

Besides, in the Dunfell-series, you can run a Buster-series in a container, which is really easy to do.

If you are currently running Easy Buster, the "update" icon on the desktop will only update to the next in the Buster-series. It currently cannot jump a series.


Installation help: 

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