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EasyOS Dunfell 2.6.1 released for the Raspberry Pi4

January 27, 2021 — BarryK

The very first release of EasyOS Dunfell-series for the Raspberry Pi4 was version 2.6, released on January 19. See announcement:

Since then, some package version bumps: SeaMonkey is now version 2.53.6 and includes the IRC chat module, ffmpeg is 4.3.1. LibreOffice is still a somewhat old version,, but I recompiled it with PDF-import support, which seemed like a good thing to have.

Version 2.6.1 also has Samba, which had been left out of 2.6. Also added package 'smbnetfs'. Oh yes, also added package 'tigervnc', that Forum member rufwoof reported as very fast. Added package 'libvdpau-va-gl' though don't really know why.

There were some performance issues with 2.6, that have mostly been fixed. SeaMonkey was often temporarily freezing, which seems to have been fixed by changing to 'kyber' IO scheduling. Plugging in a USB-stick, the kernel now consistently recognizes it first go -- due to version bump of the kernel from 5.10.4 to 5.10.9 and update of the device-tree.

There are a couple of important bug fixes. Qsync time from Internet is now working properly. The "update" icon on the desktop now also updates the device-tree in the boot-partition (not yet tested).

Here are relevant blog posts since the release of 2.6:

Download version 2.6.1 from here:

How to install notes are here:

Forum feedback welcome here:

Note, only built an English version this time. The feedback I have received is only two people have tried 2.6, both the English build. So, until there is a demand for French, German or Norwegian builds, won't be doing them. 

Have fun! 

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