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Lumbar support while sitting in a tent

February 14, 2021 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about the Ah Chair:

I improvised the same thing, approximately, using my pants belt, a length of rope and a strip of wood, but it did not feel comfortable.

But then, when crossed my legs and sat on a pillow, the lower back became naturally concave, and this felt much better. I have sat like this plenty of times, but there is a time limit before the stomach muscles become tired and the legs start to feel painful.

In many cultures, people sit cross-legged on the ground and are habituated to it. I am not, but also, I cannot sit like that and slouch, due to the lower vertebrae problem -- it will slide out of position!

So, is there a way to encourage an upright posture while sitting cross-legged, using just these ingredients?:


...a pillow, or anything to sit on, to raise the bum up, pants belt, length of rope and a strip of wood. The only item that a hiker would need to add to the pack is the rope and strip of wood.

OK, don't laugh, this does work:


Except that it is not very comfortable. The belt needs padding around the backside, and the strip of wood needs to be wider and perhaps have some padding.

So, have ordered two of these:


The intention is to thread the belt through these, so that there will be posterior padding. Alternatively, the Daylight waist bag could be used, as it is a belt with posterior padding, except that it might get over-stressed.

Also, will find something wider than that strip of wood, and expect experiment #2 soon.

EDIT 2021-02-24:
Yes, success! A different solution, and works well:   

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