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Old Timberline Trail and Sleeper Hewer's Hut

February 15, 2021 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail:

There are three other tracks in the South West of WA with overnight shelters, the Cape to Cape Track, one just north of Perth on the coast, and the Old Timberline Trail. That last one I knew nothing about, so posting links here, more for my own future reference than any other reason.

It looks like you can do a 21km or 37km loop, and stay overnight at the Sleeper Hewer's Hut, described and photos here:



A picturesque setting like this is fragile. A bushfire, and that hut will be gone. It is something that we are very mindful of, and for most of the year these huts only allow fuel stoves, no open fires. A couple of weeks ago, there was a fire in the hills just east of Perth, about 80 houses destroyed.

Ha ha, a hiker will be gone too! If you smell smoke, that probably means it is heading toward you. Some hikers carry a PLB, a satellite distress call. Otherwise, and if no phone signal, probably best to head for the nearest road. And/or find a hill which might pickup a phone signal.

This hike is accessible from the small town of Nannup, and that is on the TransWA bus route (bus service run by the State Government).

For the record, I looked it up, the multi-day hike just north of Perth is the Coastal Plain Walk Trail, with 3 shelters:

There is a reason why hiking shelters are usually isolated, without vehicular access. This link explains why:

I would be nervous staying in any of those shelters on my own, they are too close to public access, and very large urban areas nearby.    

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