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OTG Flash stick works great with phone

February 03, 2021 — BarryK

I know that for many people, this will not be new news, but for me it is. I purchased my "Huawei Y9 prime 2019" phone about six months ago, with USB-C OTG (On The Go) capable port, and today is the first time that I have connected an external USB Flash-stick to a phone.

USB Type-C (male) to USB 3.0 Type-A (female) adapters are available locally for AU$11.50 from Altronics, and AU$14 from Harvey Norman. Be careful, Jaycar have one for AU$12.95 but the specs state it is not OTG capable. I checked the online pages for Altronics and Harvey Norman, and neither specifically mentions OTG. So, beware.

However, I bought one specifically advertised for OTG usage, for only AU$4.99 via eBay:


It is AU stock and came very fast. So cheap, but does it work? I would like to report: yes!

I plugged it into my phone, with a Flash-stick attached, and swiped-down to see the notifications. Android wanted to format the drive, agreed, and it got formatted to vfat. Swiped-down again to see notification with two buttons "View" and "Unmount". Chose the former, and was able to see files on the Flash-stick. Chose "Unmount" before unplugging the OTG adapter.

The main reason for this purchase, is organizing little details for the next hike. The electrical kit will include the phone, and want to be able to access files on the Flash-stick, maybe videos that I will have put on it before the hike.

There is one other reason. I have an app on the phone named "Safe in Cloud". Have used this for years, absolutely love it. Here is the developer's site:

The database is encrypted and can be synced online, with Google Drive, Dropbox, and others, however, being somewhat paranoid, I only save it locally. With my previous phone, I used ADB via USB cable to backup the database to my PC.

Now, with OTG, it is easy peasy to backup the database to the Flash-stick.

The electrical kit for hiking will have the phone, a small mains charger, a very small solar panel, a couple of short USB cables, the OTG adapter, Flash-stick and a tiny rechargeable torch.

Regarding, the solar panel. It is model SE05, that puts out almost 3.5W, that I wrote about in 2016:


To follow the trail of planning for the next hike, here is the previous blog post:

Ha ha, planning for a hike is as much fun as the actual hike!

EDIT 2021-02-04:
Just a quick note: A couple of people advised me via the "Contact me" button at top of this page, that there are also double-pronged USB Flash-sticks available, USB-C or micro-USB OTG at one end, USB-A at the other. Yes, I already knew about those. What I wanted was the flexibility of using any of my existing collection of Flash sticks.

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