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10W solar panel for USB charging

March 20, 2021 — BarryK

In 2016, tested some of these small panels: choice for hiking is the SE05 "5W" panel, which actually generates about 3.4W. I cut it down a bit, so weighs 92g:


The claimed cell efficiency of the SE05 panel is 17%. While browsing on Aliexpress a couple of days ago, noticed some panels claiming 24%. This "10W" panel claims 24%:

...dimensions are 24x14cm (not 26x14), claimed weight 138g.


Have ordered it. Very interested to find out how close to 10 watts will get out of it. I plan to plot the voltage-current output as did back in 2016. The brand name is given as "CLAITE", so that is how I will identify it ongoing.   

Tags: light