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Looking for collapsible bottle for dirty water

March 22, 2021 — BarryK

I posted about the Sawyer Mini water filter kit taken on the last hike:


That flat bottle can be filled with "dirty" water from stream or pond, or even from a rainwater tank, and filtered through the Sawyer Mini into another bottle.

However, it is difficult to open up internally, to fill from stream or pond. I have been hunting for an alternative bottle, and purchased this, 500ml size, as it has a 28mm thread:


It arrived today. Unfortunately, the thread does not fit the Sawyer Mini. Read a bit about threads, found this:

The thread looks very similar to that on the Sawyer bottle.

This bottle is made with TPU body, and is only 18g without the lid, 28g with. The previous TPU bottle I purchased is 57g.

I confirmed that this bottle is very easy to fill from a still pond surface. It's natural tendency is to be "open" internally, so just putting the bottle flat on the surface of the water -- as I tested in a sink -- the bottle completely fills in a matter of seconds.

Pity about that thread. Thinking might cut off the thread and glue the thread from the Sawyer bottle onto it. Selleys plastic glue that I have previously used for solar water distilling experiments, forms a very strong bond, and might do the job. See here:

Or, could test other inline filters. There are competitors to the Sawyer Mini.

EDIT 2021-03-23:
To experiment with different threads, have ordered these from China:



They are quite cheap. Interesting that I am consistently finding items on Aliexpress to be cheaper than on eBay. Also, "Aliexpress Standard Postage" to Australia is fast.  

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