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Day 55 end of Perth to Albany walk

April 24, 2021 — BarryK

I posted about Caroline walking the Bibbulmun Track, from Kalamunda in Perth to Albany on the south coast.

After completing the walk, she and her cameraman Steve have been putting the videos together, and finally, today, uploaded episode 17, day 55, when they reach Albany.

Here is my blog post at start of journey:

She was solo for a couple of days near the beginning, as Steve had to drop out for medical reasons. Then again he had to drop out the last couple of days. He rejoined for about the final 10km walk into Albany, and if you watch that final video, you will see the camera work changes with Steve's unannounced presence:


Fantastic to watch. Don't know if I will ever do the entire 1,000km, but certainly love doing bits of it.  

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