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Dependencies for LibreOffice compiled in OE

April 11, 2021 — BarryK

I posted yesterday about compiling Inkscape in OpenEmbedded/Yocto:

In the current release of EasyOS, LibreOffice (LO) was compiled in a running EasyOS, not in OE. During the build, LO automatically downloads any extra source packages that it needs, that are not available in the system.

What I have done is compile many of those dependencies in OE, so they will be available as shared libraries for LO to link against, but other applications will also be able to use them.

For example, LO uses 'libcdr', a CorelDraw import filter. By having this as a shared system library, Inkscape can optionally link against it, and also have CorelDraw import capability. Hmmm, does anyone still use CorelDraw?

These are the new packages compiled in OE:

hyphen libabw libcdr libcmis libe-book libetonyek libexttextcat libfreehand libgltf liblangtag libmspub libmwaw libodfgen libpagemaker librevenge libvisio libwpd libwpg libwps lpsolve mdds-1.2 mdds-1.5 mythes rasqal redland vigra

Hmmm again, 'libwpg' is for handling WordPerfect graphics, 'libwpd' for WordPerfect documents. WordPerfect is ancient, I would prefer to save the space and not have import of WP documents and graphics, however, LO build does not seem to offer disabling it.

I was very easily able to compile those packages, by adding the 'meta-office' layer. This is maintained by 'schnitzeltony' and also includes recipes for building libreoffice and abiword:

...however, I get errors trying to compile libreoffice. Could probably be fixed, as I did with the 'pyro' series, but decided will compile libreoffice in the running EasyOS. Note, I checked out the 'dunfell' branch of 'meta-office', and it will be in my next uploaded tarball.

Have just done a complete rebuild in OE, it took about 9 hours. Next, will import the packages into woofQ and build the next release of EasyOS.  

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