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Constructing short pole for tarp

May 27, 2021 — BarryK

Continuing construction of an ultralight tarp, this is the previous post:

The tarp has a ridgeline, with a high head-end and a low tail-end. The head-end can be tied directly to a tree-trunk, branch or can sit on a trekking-pole or a 125.5cm carbon-fibre pole.

The pole for the tail-end is to be 48.5cm, and I want  it foldable, no longer than 25cm so as to be able to lay flat in my backpack or lumbar pack.

The tarp is intended to have in inner mesh tent permanently sewn in, and the tail-end pole will also be sewn-in. The 2 pieces of the tail-end pole could have bungee cord to keep them together -- that is the usual method -- however, being sewn into the tent, think will be able to avoid a bungee cord.

I have carbon fibre tube, 4x6mm (IDxOD) and 6x8mm (IDxOD), the latter to be used as the joining sleeve. Here is a picture:


Those 4x6 tubes are 24.8cm long each (without the end-caps), and I cut 3cm length of the 6x8 for the joining-sleeve. There are rubber end-caps, that add a couple of millimeters on each end.

When pulled apart, the two pieces will fold to be the same length, close to 25cm. To achieve this, one of the 4x6 poles had to be cut short, to 23.5cm (including the end-cap) -- this is the piece that will have the 3cm sleeve glued onto it -- inserted 1.5cm onto the 4x6 pole, thus giving a total length of 25cm.

For the 23.5cm pole, I wrapped electrical tape around it, then sandpapered the surface so that the glue will adhere better. The photo shows this, and in the middle is the 1.5cm piece that I cut off the pole:


I discussed on the Aussie bushwalking forum what glue to use:

...decided on epoxy adhesive. It turned out well.

Here is where I bought 4x6 and 6x8 carbon fibre tube:

The silicone rubber end caps:

Just a little detail, the 4x6 does fit inside the 6x8 tube, but is a tight fit, and I used some 4x6 that had purchased earlier from another vendor on Aliexpress (here), as it is a slightly looser fit inside the 6x8 sleeve.

The epoxy adhesive is a very cheap brand from Bunnings:

Getting closer to the weekend, when I will have waited long enough for the silicone sealant to cure, and will be able to sew the tie-outs.  

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