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Fix for local testing of SFS

May 04, 2021 — BarryK

I posted recently about updating the tutorial how to convert a Puppy-derivative Linux distribution in to an SFS file that can be run in a container, as a full desktop, in EasyOS:

Today I went through the exercise, and discovered a problem. The 'sfsget' GUI only lists paths that are online. Here is a picture from the tutorial:


...the paths are "easyos/oe/dunfell", "easyos/oe/pyro" and "puppy/debian/buster".

I had created a new one locally, at /mnt/wkg/sfs/puppy/slackware/14.2, but the GUI window ignored it.

Note, my current host system is EasyOS 2.7.2 on my x86_64 PC, that picture above is when running on the Pi4, just putting it here to show what the SFS paths look like.

The GUI was only showing online paths, so I have fixed the script, /usr/local/sfsget/sfsget, so will also show any extra local ones. Now able to test the new distro -- will post about that separately!   

Tags: easy