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Run FossaPup 9.5 in a container in EasyOS

May 05, 2021 — BarryK

Yesterday I posted about converting Slacko Puppy 7.0 to run in a container:

Have now given the same treatment to FossaPup 9.5. Here is the FossaPup section in the Puppy Forum:

Running EasyOS, you can now run FossaPup in a container. Click on the "sfsget" icon on the desktop, choose the "puppy/ubuntu/focal" radiobutton, click on the FossaPup entry to select it, then click the "Download" button.

Click a couple more buttons, and you will have "fossapup" icon on the desktop. Click it to flip into FossaPup full desktop running in a container:


ALT-F6 to flip back to the main desktop. Click "fossapup" icon to flip back, or click on "fossapup" in the tray.

To share files between FossaPup and the EasyOS main desktop, place the files in /mnt/wkg/home/shared.

Please test, let me know if you discover any issues, at the EasyOS section of the forum:     

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