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Run ScPup 21.04 in a container in EasyOS

May 08, 2021 — BarryK

Two days ago, I posted about running FossaPup in a container in EasyOS:

Now, ScPup has been converted to run in a container. This is another "official Puppy", built from woof-CE, with Slackware-current binary packages. Note that Slackware-current will eventually become Slackware version 15.0.

ScPup was created and is maintained by forum member 'peebee', who has a very long history of creating interesting pups. The one that I have "containerized" is the ROX-JWM build. He has another, LxPupSc, that has LXDE instead of ROX-JWM. Here is the forum section for ScPup:

It is the usual procedure: click on "sfsget" on the desktop, click the "puppy/slackware/15.0" radiobutton, download the ScPup SFS and install it, and you will have an icon on the desktop. Click the icon, and it flips to the ScPup desktop:


That ball with an "S" in it, couldn't find that as a standalone logo, and as wanted a logo for the desktop, grabbed this one:


...just needed an icon different from the other pups.

Took a while to take out entries from the menu that are not appropriate inside a container (in future, script 'dir2fs' will do that automatically). Briefly tested some apps: geany, abiword, gnumeric, browser OK. Sound OK. Feedback welcome here:   

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