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More tweaks for TreeHugger Mark-3 tent

July 31, 2021 — BarryK

I have been using SolveSpace to design TreeHugger 1P Mark-3 tent. Here is the previous blog post:

While waiting for the 10D silnylon to arrive from China, I keep playing with the design. The latest iteration is have made the floor-width at the tail-end a bit wider, 70cm, up from 60cm. Just gives a little bit more foot room inside.

Also tweaked the catenary a little bit, and have put it directly onto the 2-dimensional plans. Here are the SolveSpace 3.0 files, gzipped:



Here are the cutout plans, the pink lines represent the usable fabric width of 151cm:


And the other side:


And as shown in the previous post, I have inverted one side so as to minimize the length of cloth required. In the latest design, as the foot-end is wider, the required length of fabric will be longer, about 5.22 metres.     

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