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Finished glueing hems for TreeHugger Mark-3 tent

August 15, 2021 — BarryK

Continuing the Mark-3 project, this is the previous blog post:

I have glued the hems on both pieces of silnylon. This is the smaller piece:


...the hems are folded on what will be the inside of the tent. In the above photo, you can see 3 sides have hems. Starting from the left, bottom of tail-end flap, bottom of side of tent, and the edge rising to the peak at the high-end. Here is the other, larger, piece:


...this has a flap at the high-end, for enclosing the tent. For this piece, there are 4 hems. Starting from left, the edge of the flap, the bottom of the flap, the bottom of the side of tent, and bottom of the tail-end flap.

I am recording the weight as each step is completed. As reported in the previous blog post, the weight of the fabric, the 2 pieces, is 182g. With the glued hems, the weight is now 217g. An increase of 29g.

The next step was to glue reinforcing where tie-outs are going to be sewed on. I used two bowls, 15.2cm diameter and 20.6cm diameter, as templates to cut out circles. Here is the reinforcing glued onto the small piece:


...also glued onto what will become the inside of the tent. I used the larger diameter reinforcing at the corners, the smaller in the middle.

The larger piece has 4 reinforcings, due to the flap at the high-end.

I have posted how to glue and apply the pieces of reinforcing, in the Mark-1 instructions. It is tricky, to not end up with wrinkles. I extrude parallel beads of sealant onto the piece of reinforcing, then spread it with a finger (wearing gloves), then dip the fingers into the mineral turpentine to remove stickiness, then lift up the reinforcing and lower it in place, trying to get it exactly in place, so don't have to push it around. If some pushing around is required, it is necessary to check that wrinkles have not developed on the other side.

The weight has now climbed to 229g, a jump of 12g.

The next step will be to glue the ridgeline, perhaps tomorrow.

Note, I have appended to this blog post, a speculation why some silnylon has poor peel strength:      

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