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OpenEmbedded project 20210828 uploaded

August 28, 2021 — BarryK

This blog supports posting in different categories, for example "oe", "easy" and "light". In theory, a post can be to more than one category, but I have never tested that. The OpenEmbedded "oe" project is intertwined with EasyOS "easy", so I often post OpenEmbedded news to the "easy" category. But that is a problem if you go to the "oe" URL, you won't see those posts:

So, this post is to the "oe" category, with links to recent OpenEmbedded posts.

As I have pretty much decided to stay with the Dunfell-series for EasyOS, packages compiled in OpenEmbedded, have been through the exercise of updating and improving the OE build. These are the relevant posts over the last few days:

The latest OE-Dunfell project tarball is 'dunfell-20210828.tar.gz', uploaded here:

There are some large packages that are not compiled in OE, such as SeaMonkey. Reason, they are very cross-compiler unfriendly. I am planning to enhance woofQ with automated package compiler functionality in a running EasyOS.    

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