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Statically linked packages with musl in OpenEmbedded

August 28, 2021 — BarryK

I have posted about an updated rebuild of the Dunfell-series packages in OpenEmbedded, previous post here:

In the initrd (initramfs) of EasyOS, there are statically-linked utilities, linked with musl to obtain small size. I had compiled these for x86_64 and aarch64 at different times and using different methods, but have decided to pull them all together. They are now all compiled in OpenEmbedded. Here they are:

binutils-static          2.28
busybox-initramfs-static 1.30.1
busybox-static 1.32.0
coreutils-static 8.29
e2fsprogs-static 1.45.4
gnupg1-static 1.4.23
hdparm-static 9.58
idump-static 20180513
libcap-static 2.45
make-static 4.2.1
mped-static 3.3.17
ncurses-static 6.2
pup-tools-c-static 20210409
squashfs-tools-static 4.4
util-linux-static 2.35.1

Not currently using utilities from all of those packages, but have compiled all of them in case want them sometime in the future. Note that ncurses-static has static libraries required to compile mped-static, as the standard ncurses package only has shared libraries. Note also, mped-static has the 'mp' console editor. And, libcap-static has the binary executable 'capsh', also used in the initrd.

I will upload the latest OpenEmbedded-Dunfell project tarball soon.   

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