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TreeHugger Mark-3 ridgeline tieouts

August 31, 2021 — BarryK

Continuing the TreeHugger Mark-3 tent project, this is the previous post:

As reported, I wasn't happy with how the tie-outs were made. The tie-outs are now glued instead of sewed, and I used a simple rectangle, scrunched-up where passes through the o-ring. See photos in previous post.

At each end of the ridgeline, there will be tie-outs, and I decided to experiment with some kind of more sophisticated design, that spreads the stresses from the tie-out cable to the tents, the forces distributed evenly onto the tent.

I experimented with folding a piece of paper, and this is the design finally used. Firstly, folded the paper in half, lengthwise:


Then folded each end, so as to get "wings":


Then folded the middle, both sides, inward to the centre:


Another view showing the inward-folds:


Showing the wings spread out:


That looked interesting, and I could see how the forces are spread out at the wings. The important point is that the ripstop fabric has least stretch when the fabric squares are not pulled diagonally, which this wing design achieves.

I am not claiming this to be a fantastic design, just something to try.

Doing this with the silnylon though, is tricky, as it won't fold, is very soft and slippery. I managed, by using clips to hold in place:


These clips are used in sewing, readily available via eBay, Aliexpress and Amazon. My local Spotlight store also has them, but very expensive. Then the two inward-folds, glued:


Then, glueing onto the tent was messy, not at all neat like that last paper photo. From the experience, I have some thoughts how folding and glueing can be improved time.

I also glued a silicone cap underneath in the tail-end, for the carbon-fibre tube to slot into. See Mark-1 construction for details.

So, now have a tent ready to test. Not complete, as plan to construct an inner mesh tent, but can put it up to see if it looks OK. Keeping a tally of the weight, it is now 286g, the ridgeline tie-outs and tail-end cap have added 8g.

Good news, my cheap Kmart digital scale is accurate. I purchased a set of 7 weights, totalling 500g, and found the scale to be spot-on.     

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