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TreeHugger Mark-3 tent hem tie-outs

August 29, 2021 — BarryK

Continuing the TreeHugger Mark-3 tent project, this was the previous blog post:

For the Mark-1 tarp, I sewed the tie-outs, so it wasn't an entirely glued tarp/tent. This time, decided to attempt a totally-glued tent...

For the tie-outs, have not used webbing, instead have folded silnylon, the same fabric used for the tent. I am not an Origami Master, and only did something very basic. Just cut rectangles 24x6cm and threaded an o-ring onto them, like this:


...that is, spread silicone sealant on both sides of the rectangle-piece, around the middle, then threaded the o-ring, then folded the rectangle in half, then scrunched up the fabric near the o-ring and wrapped a strip of cling-wrap. Six with o-ring, the seventh has a hook.

The o-rings are silicone, 28mm OD and 5mm thick, these:

The hook is 3.6cm size, these:

Looking at my notes, I actually bought the hooks from Amazon, the 3.6cm from here:

I glued each tie-out onto the tent like this, a flap glued on each side of the tent:


...which looks OK, but actually is not so good, as when pulled on, the stresses will be at the sides. This may have a tendency to peal off the glued join.

An Origami Master could probably have told me how the fabric could have been folded such that stress is spread evenly to the tent.

Anyway, will see how it holds up. If do decide to do something different, easy enough to cut off the tie-outs and glue something else on.

I am recording the weight at each step of the Mark-3 project. In the last blog post, after having glued the ridgeline, the weight was 251g. Now, having glued on the hem tie-outs, the weight is now 278g, an increase of 27g. Still looking good!   

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