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AMD Radeon R5 230 video card ordered

October 18, 2021 — BarryK

Having recently purchased a Nvidia GT218 GPU GeForce 210 video card and experiencing how useful it is to have the actual hardware to experiment with, I decided a cheap AMD card would also be nice to have.

Here are recent posts about the Nvidia card, the nouveau kernel driver, and getting it to work:

I looked at Aliexpress, and found this one, that, apparently, has AU stock:

Here is information on the AMD Radeon R5 230 GPU:

While browsing on Aliexpress, I read the description and specifications very carefully, as I know many vendors can be sneaky. I found some cards without any identification label affixed and advertised as AMD, yet in the specs the GPU is given as "gm107", which is an Nvidia GPU.

The one I have ordered does have a label affixed, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. But I see also in the photos, "AMD" printed on the printed circuit board. So, seems OK.

Just an extra note, I also found this, almost same GPU, but has a passive heatsink:


...looks nice, but I have already ordered the other one.   

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