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OpenEmbedded Dunfell complete recompile

October 20, 2021 — BarryK

I posted a couple of days ago about recompiling the 'mesa' package with gallium drivers:

But then I wondered if there might be any repercussions with other packages. Not sure, but decided to do a complete recompile in OpenEmbedded, the Dunfell release with my 'meta-quirky' layer.

Very interesting how long it took this time. Started at 9.30am yesterday, and it finished about 2.00am this morning, that is circa 16 hours. This is on my Lenovo with i3 CPU, 32GB RAM and swap partition on an internal SSD. The build has taken place on an external usb3 SSD, which would probably be the main bottleneck.

The external SSD is 1TB, and the build has consumed almost 280GB. That is just for the x86_64 build. I also have the aarch64 build on the SSD, which has consumed almost as much. That is why I need a 1TB drive!

The build has taken longer due to more packages compiled. I have posted about the gradual addition of more packages, and this latest build is 839 packages. That is original packages, not split up into several smaller packages like Debian does.

The latest OpenEmbedded project tarball is 'dunfell-20211020.tar.gz' available here: has everything to do a complete build, but only a small number of source packages. The OE build script will download sources as needed, so you need a fast Internet connection during the build. There is help in folder 'docs'. Only tested on EasyOS, but should be capable of building on other recent Linux distributions. EasyOS 2.9+ has glibc 2.33 and python3. OE-Dunfell will not work with a later glibc.

While I am mentioning host build requirements, one more thing. It requires a fixed path to the build. If, as in my case, the build is on an external drive, it must always be mounted on the same path -- you cannot mount it as /mnt/sdb1 and then later /mnt/sdc1 --and I think from memory, there is trouble if use a symlink in the path.   

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