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SFS loading precautions in initrd

November 11, 2021 — BarryK

The scripts in the 'initrd' initramfs do a lot of sanity checking. I have added some extra checks...

SFS files are located under /mnt/wkg/sfs and containers are in /mnt/wkg/containers, for example /mnt/wkg/containers/firefox

A user may manually place SFS files under /mnt/wkg/sfs and may also delete them. If the firefox*.sfs file is deleted, for whatever reason, it means that if it was loaded in a container, that container is no longer valid.
Yet, the "firefox" icon (with the lock symbol on it) was still on the desktop, and entry still in the menu. I have fixed that, invalid icons and menu entries removed.

Same thing if an SFS is loaded on the main desktop. If the SFS no longer exists, then it can no longer be loaded at bootup, and menu entry must be removed. And, as in the case of firefox, /home/firefox will have to be deleted.

I posted about each new release of EasyOS having the latest version of firefox:

It may be that the top writeable layer of the aufs layered filesystem has some firefox files that obscure the latest files in easy.sfs
The initrd does some checking that no older files obscure the new firefox version.

These checks are generic, not just for firefox.

Details! Details! Easy 3.1.10 is coming along, Real Soon Now.   

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