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EasyOS version 3.1.15 released

December 15, 2021 — BarryK

Churning them out, 3.1.13 was released on December 8:

Two big news items for this release; a complete recompile in OpenEmbedded and a return to SeaMonkey. See more details in the release notes:


Feedback is welcome at the Puppy Forum, in the EasyOS section:

A little personal note; having used Firefox for awhile, I am happy to be back on SeaMonkey. There were things that peeved me about FF. The menu button top-right, with the three horizontal bars, would sometimes freeze and become unusable -- which astounded me, that a product so mature could have such a fault. Why does it nearly always append "www" when I type in a URL? -- and defaults to "http://" at sites that accept "https://". Then there is the very slow startup on older computers. The buggy GPU hardware acceleration. That's enough criticism!

There is likely to be a longer interval before the next release, as I am moving into holiday mode. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are approaching mid-summer!  

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