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EasyApps fixes and improvements

February 26, 2022 — BarryK

Roger (radky in the forum) created PupApps and in 2019 tweaked it to run in EasyOS, and esmourguit internationalized it, reported here:

Yesterday, TerryH reported that it does not render properly at DPI above 108:

Our current PET is version 3.1.1. I grabbed it and fixed for DPI up to 138 (biggest font size, see menu "Desktop -> Set global font size").

Then got stuck into reviewing the apps that it offers. Well, a lot has changed since 2019, and it required a lot of fixing. It took all day. Finally, have a PET, version 3.1.2 -- not yet uploaded, but it will of course be in the next release of Easy. A snapshot, at 102 DPI:


Hmmm, I was planning to have a bit of a hiatus from EasyOS development, and here I am still sitting in front of the computer. Tomorrow, will get outside, probably visit the beach.  

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