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New Ordro EP8 wearable video camera

March 30, 2022 — BarryK

The original post, when I was looking at what is available, wearable video camera that mounts about head-height, or even better, eye-height:

I purchased the Hawk Eye Firefly Q6, partly because it is very cheap, something to play with: extra comment about the Q6; it gets very hot when recording. Incredibly hot, I am very surprised. My phone can record video without heating up so much. Must be a huge drain on the battery -- I recall,  reviewer saying 1080p at 60Hz for 40 minutes -- if I recall rightly -- which isn't too bad.

Another extra comment about the Q6: it works really great with low light levels, surprisingly good indoors. I did comment in a previous post that it is fixed-focus, but somehow it had sharp images quite close up. I don't know how they do that -- smartphones can also give sharp images close up. By "close up", I mean a few feet away. Actually, my Huawei smartphone can take sharp photos just a few inches away.

Yesterday an email arrived in my inbox announcing release of the Ordro EP8: email came with a 8% discount code.


The Q6 has electronic image stabilization (EIS), with a gyro chip, which I found to be an improvement over no stabilization, but still could do with improvement. The EP7 has single-axis gimbal stabilization, vertical only, if I recall rightly. The EP8 ups the ante with dual-axis gimbal, that is, both vertical and horizontal stabilization.

The EP7 was criticized as having poor low-light performance, and that limitation seems to have been addressed. Many Chinese manufacturers stretch the truth with specifications, and 4K@60Hz may not be true -- it may be "emulated". The specs show up to 20 megapixel resolution, but actual physical resolution of the image sensor is likely to be much lower.

Ordro do not give the actual chip number, just state the sensor is "Sony 1/2.8 Starvis". Well, that does narrow it down somewhat:

img2 far as I can make out, the sensor would be 8MP, if it is true 4K@60Hz.

Keen to see some reviews!   

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