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The sad history of Ukraine

March 12, 2022 — BarryK

I posted recently about my step-mother's escape from Hungary in 1956:

A couple of days ago, I read a post by a Russian person in a forum, in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The post had some truths, some half-truths, and some complete untruths.

What is particularly sad is the truths in that person's forum post. As an example that the Western countries cannot claim to be on the "moral high ground", he referred to the great lie of "weapons of mass destruction" used as an excuse to invade Iraq. Yes, I have posted about that:

Going back further, another example of the "moral low ground", the carpet-bombing of North Vietnam and the spraying of Agent Orange:

One thing that astounded me after the invasion of Iraq, was that George W. Bush got re-elected! That was a huge lesson to me.

So, Putin's "spin" to justify invading Ukraine, and manipulating the Russian media, nothing new here.

I won't post a link to that forum posted by the Russian person, as I don't want to target any individual.

In The West Australian newspaper today, Saturday 12 March, 2022, in the Letters to the Editor, page 145:


I knew nothing about this "Holodomor". Is that true? I did some research, and ascertained that it is true, Stalin ordered the deliberate starvation of millions of Ukrainians. Here is one reference:

Crystal-ball gazing, trying to think of possible futures, none of it looks good. Is Moldova next on the invasion-list? Finland, if it chooses to join Nato?

What about Turkey, just about economically bankrupt, will it re-orient itself away from Nato, toward Russia? In return for very cheap or free oil. That will mean the end of Georgia, as it blocks land access between Russia and Turkey. Ha ha, this is wild speculation, take no notice of this paragraph!

I suppose the "best" outcome will be that the war in Ukraine just festers, no major escalation, and the attention of the world moves on. Not a good outcome, but unfortunately a likely one.    

I really should not indulge in political posts! Back off Barry, get back to EasyOS development!   

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