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Improving images for Welcome page

May 31, 2022 — BarryK

I posted about the first-boot Welcome page here:

The first image, showing the desktop, with superimposed text, is a problem, as there are three factors that affect how it looks, whether there is support for containers, top-level zram, and language.

To handle this, in woofQ there is now rootfs-skeleton/usr/share/doc/easy/images/choices, with a selection of images:


The "desk" images are named according to "desk_${EOS_SUPPORT_CONTAINERS}_${EOS_TOP_LEVEL_ZRAM}_${LANG:0:2}.png"

Script '3buildeasydistro' chooses the appropriate images, copies them up, then deletes the 'choices' folder. If there is no "${LANG:0:2}", fallback is to use the "en" variant.

Notice the SVG file, to make it easy to create variants in the future.   

Tags: easy