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Considering adopting Nim language

August 11, 2022 — BarryK

I posted earlier today about synchronizing apt with ppm:

For which will need to write some utility applications. Yes, could write them in ash/bash shell script, but we often resort to a compiled language when speed is required. EasyOS has some utilities written in C, and up until a few days ago, some written in BaCon:

I like BaCon, it has very nice high-level features that make coding easy. My particular problem though, has been the OE cross-compile environment, that BaCon doesn't like.

I would still like a compiled "systems" language that is higher-level than C. Recently, I read a post, don't recall where, someone very highly praised Nim as a systems language.


Then I discovered that there is a recipe for building it in OpenEmbedded|Yocto:

Oh wow, will give that a go tonight.

The other requirement, is although it is a systems-programming language, want to be able to create GUI apps. Discovered heaps of GUI toolkits. Here are some found in a 5-minute google:

Here is the Nim homepage:

Looks good!      

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