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Rethinking direction of EasyOS

November 02, 2022 — BarryK

Have had a rethink about what EasyOS is all about. Easy is a unique and very quirky OS, and and does just about everything differently from other Linux distributions.

I recently posted that have abandoned sync'ing the PKGget package manager (PPM, see "pkg" icon on the desktop) with Debian apt and synaptic. Decided to stay with PKGget only.

For the last few days have been working on login as user "zeus". Yes, it works, but I found myself having to apply so many workarounds. The simplicity and elegance of login as root, with apps able to run non-root, and "crippled root" or user "spot" in containers, was becoming compromised and complicated.

I had implemented the ability to toggle login as root or zeus in the shutdown menu:


...that is now NOT implemented. Decided to stay with traditional root login only.

I posted a couple of days ago, that had compiled the 5.15.76 kernel with user-namespace enabled:

However, after studying user-namespaces some more, have decided that do not want to have it enabled. Apart from being a potential security risk, it does not bring anything to the table that EasyOS needs. So, have recompiled the 5.15.76 kernel with user-namespace support disabled.

I posted recently about Android drivers in the kernel:

The latest 5.15.76 kernel PET still has those Android drivers; however, will not be pursuing running Anbox or Waydroid in EasyOS. Displaying the screen of an Android phone works so remarkably well, that Anbox or Waydroid would be a big step down in functionality:

It is so easy to display a phone screen in EasyOS, via the "share" desktop icon:

You could even use an old phone permanently connected via USB cable to your PC.     

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