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EasyOS Dunfell-series version 4.5.5 released

January 10, 2023 — BarryK

Version 4.5.4 was released on January 4, and there has only been one bug-fix since then; however, I decided to release 4.5.5 as woofQ and EasyOS will be undergoing fundamental structural changes, for which it is better to start a new Series -- that will be the Kirkstone-series.

Hence, 4.5.5 is intended to be the last release of the Dunfell-series.

The "fundamental structural change" is mostly about international language support, and the previous couple of blog posts are about the start of that -- those changes are not in 4.5.5.

For more details, please read the announcement for 4.5:

And the follow-up bug-fix releases:

The release notes for 4.5.5:

Have fun!    

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