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AppImage Installer can now update

March 24, 2023 — BarryK

AppImage Installer (aii) is a recent exciting project, see previous blog posts:

I have now implemented updating. Not for all of them; most of them hosted on

So, if choose an already-installed AppImage in the first window, get this:

img1, click the "UPDATE" button, and get this:


...there is no later version; however, I went ahead and clicked on "UPDATE", just to show what will happen:


...that .AppImage file was already downloaded, so it didn't really do an update.

So, you can see the principle of what happens. Perchance the updated .AppImage file doesn't work, you can just rename /usr/bin/endlesssky.binOLD back to /usr/bin/endlesssky.bin, and you have reverted.

If you do need to revert, good idea to also go into /mnt/wkg/appimage/endlesssky and delete the new .AppImage. There is also a .specsOLD file that can be restored to .specs.    

Tags: easy