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EasyOS Kirkstone-series 5.1.1 released

March 20, 2023 — BarryK

Version 5.1 was released only a couple of days ago:

A couple of little bug-fixes, a PET package version bump, and improvements to AppImage Installer, see release notes:

Snapshot of the AppImage Installer:


Download link:

Or, if you live in Europe, this is a fast download, kind courtesy of NLUUG:

But, if you already have Easy 5.0 or 5.1 running, just click the "update" icon. This will download a small "difference file", in the case of 5.1-to-5.1.1 it is only 5.5MB

Just a personal note. Because I am always messing around, doing developing, I clear out all the crud by first choosing "Shutdown -> Rectify -> Reboot, with rollback" in the menu, then "Rollback to pristine first-boot" -- next window has checkboxes so that although a rollback to first boot is going to happen, able to retain stuff. Like browser history, cups setup, etc. Reboot, then do an update.

Which reminds me, need to add checkboxes to retain /home/* contents for any AppImages installed.

Feedback is welcome in the EasyOS section of the Puppy Forum, from page-7 of this thread:

Have fun!    

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